Tuesday Challenge – Bunny Template!

February 26, 2008 at 5:40 pm (Uncategorized)


Create art using this bunny template created by Suzanne Cannon of Quietfire Design.

Bunny Template

Print it off and create your bunny art! You can print it off as is or resize it! Think a traditional bunny or think outside the box! Use stamps, inks, paints, collage images or whatever you have to make your bunny! Post your art to your blog, picture trail or photo sharing site, then post a direct link to your challenge art under the comments section to share with others! Have fun and make art!!! (Please include our challenge link on your blog)


Decorative Papers


Distress Inks

Design Element Rubber Stamps


  1. Kelly said,

  2. Caroline said,

  3. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  4. stampingbalou said,

    Here is my entry… ;o)


    Thanks for looking,
    yours Heike ;o)

  5. Nancy P said,

    Here’s my Fancy Purple Bunny:


    Thanks for taking a look.

  6. Sandie Reid said,

    I’ve posted my piece of art for this weeks challenge and if you like you can view it on my blog http://wwwsandiesanctuary.blogspot.com/

  7. rainbowlady said,

    Here is my Easter bunny
    Thanks for looking
    Love Cynthia x


  8. Yogi Grunwald said,

    Well another one hops to the beat of a different drummer…

  9. Pattio said,

    What a fun template! I couldn’t resist this challenge and have been enjoying all the other entries so much! I made a royal bunny, Princess Roxanne. Not sure if it is the final version yet or not. Enjoy!

    Cheers Pattio

  10. 3rdEyeMuse said,

    all welcome to stop by: http://3rdeyemuse.blogspot.com/

    hoppy day! ~M~

  11. Mandy said,

    Suzanne! this was cruel of you… making me think outside the box! lol my bunny took on many sizes until i settled with this piece ~ the rest ended up in the bin! lol


  12. Nan said,

  13. Casey said,

  14. Ramona said,

    phew…just in time. Here’s my bunny-mania:


  15. Kim said,

    Urgh….had it done last night, but only took a pic this morning! But regardless, here is my bunny!!


    Thanks for the challenge, for me it was a toughie! lol

  16. Andrea Plotts said,

    I know this is REALLY late, but I wanted to try my hand at this because the template is adorable, and its Easter weekend so I was in the spirit to create something Easter related. Here’s my take:



    p.s everyone did a fantastic job on their bunny creations, it was very inspiring!

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