Tuesday Challenge – Stamped Backgrounds!

March 24, 2008 at 7:56 pm (Uncategorized)


Create art using a stamped background! Use rubber stamps to create your stamped art  background – use rubber stamps with dye inks, paints, papers, collage images, eyelets, ribbons, etc… ! Create a card, ATC, tag, altered art, 4 x 4, inchie, skinny (3 x 5 inches)… whatever you fancy. Post your art to your blog, picture trail or photo sharing site, then post a direct link to your challenge art under the comments section to share with others! Have fun and make art!!! (Please include our challenge link on your blog)

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  1. femmy said,

  2. Sandy said,

  3. lasize said,

  4. femmy said,

    made a 4 x 4 for another challenge, but realized that it fits this challenge also perfect so my second entry is here http://zoiy.blogspot.com/2008/03/stamped-background-shop-till-you-drop.html

  5. wil said,

    Dit is mijn bij drage .

  6. wil said,

  7. Debi Wind said,

  8. barnie said,

  9. Marina said,

    It was lots of fun making this ATC for this challange.
    My entry for this week.


  10. kreativgeschwafel said,

    Here’s my Gotic Arch with stamped background:

  11. Audrey Meijs said,

  12. kathy said,

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie here. I stumbled on it looking at another blog.
    I wanna play:

  13. Kelly said,

  14. Trudie Becker said,

    Here is my atc for this week.
    Thanks for looking.


  15. Casey said,

  16. Rosie said,

  17. Filetta said,

  18. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  19. Nan said,

  20. stampingbalou said,

    Thanks again for this great challenge… My stamped background is just a little one (ok, a part of my card) and I hope you may find it, cause it´s a tone-in-tone creation… ;o)


    Hugs from Heike ;o)

  21. Judy said,

    This was a fun challenge. I like everyone’s ideas.


  22. Audrey Meijs said,

  23. Ramona said,

    I am not sure, if this counts for the challenge as well:


  24. Carla Passino said,

    This was great fun. I randomly stamped Asian themed stamps on a tan paper to create a background for a mosaic of pictures of my favourite subject–my son! Here’s my entry: http://www.leafdays.com/mosaic/nostalgic-parent-mosaic/
    Thanks for looking.

  25. Cynthia (Rainbow Lady) said,

    Here is my entry for this week and thanks for looking
    Love Cynthia x


  26. Cynthia (Rainbow Lady) said,

  27. Yogi Grunwald said,

    Interesting theme. Here’s mine.

  28. ORsolya said,

  29. Debbie said,

    Hello – here is my contribution this week


  30. rubita said,

  31. Plufke said,

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