Tuesday Challenge – pins!

May 19, 2008 at 3:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Create art – make a pin! You can use book board, stencils, sprays, washes, distress inks, rubber stamps, dye inks, paints, papers, collage images, charms, gesso, gel medium, eyelets, ribbons, etc… to create your pin! Post your art to your blog, picture trail or photo sharing site, then post a direct link to your challenge art under the comments section to share with others! Have fun and make art!!! (Please include our challenge link on your blog)

for full instructions and supply list on making the 3 pins above, click here.

***there has been a lot of trouble with comments going into a spam folder on the challenge sites recently. I will frequently check the spam folder and unspam comments, so please do not post more than once. Thanks! :o)


  1. kreativgeschwafel said,

  2. femmy said,

    mine is here

  3. stampingbalou said,

    What a challenging theme – here is my entry for today !!!


    Wishing you all a nice day – thanks for looking – Heike ;o)

  4. Sandy said,

    Here is my 1,5 x 1,5 Inch Pin. Thanks for looking.


  5. Moni said,

  6. Alie Helder said,

    Here’s my entry for this week. I made 2 of them

  7. deb said,

  8. deb said,

  9. Rosie said,

    Great tutorial from Kelly… fun theme and a first for me, making a pin AND an inchy! 😉


  10. Joanne said,

  11. Debi Wind said,

  12. Hilmof said,

    I took a different slant to this challenge and used my melt pot


    Thanks for looking

  13. Ros said,

    This was great fun and a great challenge. Here’s my contriburion for this week:


  14. Penny said,

  15. Yogi said,

    Mine is done. Very useful challenge. Thanks for looking

  16. Ramona said,

  17. Nan said,

    I made 5 Inchie pins and 1 Moo pin for this challenge. Lots of fun to make–thanks for the idea! http://pandoras-artbox.blogspot.com/2008/05/tuesdays-daily-artcreated-by-hand-make.html

  18. Cora said,

  19. Casey said,

  20. lily said,

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