Tuesday Challenge – Coffins! (template for coffin shape provided)

September 30, 2008 at 4:58 am (Uncategorized)

Think Halloween this week!  Create art using a coffin shape (template can be found at Quietfire Design )  Use collage images, rubber stamps, inks, embellishments, charms, paints, eyelets, ribbons, fancy papers… whatever you find to create your challenge! Create a card, ATC, tag, altered art, 4 x 4, inchie, skinny (3 x 5 inches)… add your coffin template shape to whatever you fancy. Post your art to your blog, picture trail or photo sharing site, then post a direct link to your challenge art under the comments section to share with others! Have fun and make art!!! (Please include our challenge link on your blog)


orange and black Bazzil paper

Black Stazon Ink

Crow Stamp Plate

Mini Grunge Board Elements

***there has been a lot of trouble with comments going into a spam folder on the challenge sites recently. I will frequently check the spam folder and unspam comments, so please do not post more than once. Thanks!



  1. Kelly said,

  2. Sandy said,

  3. kreativgeschwafel said,

    Here’s my Coffin Tag for your challenge:

  4. Deborah said,

  5. Leila said,

    Here is my coffin. Thanks for looking.

  6. Trudie said,

    Here is my coffin.
    Thanks for lookong.


  7. femmy said,

    mine is here

  8. wil said,

    My entry is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking.

  9. lorraine said,

    great theme check out my crow coffin on my blog..looking forward to seeing everyones coffin creations!!

  10. Virginia said,

    What a great theme..
    Mine is on my blog.
    Thank You

  11. Sian said,

    Thanks for a great challenge! You can find my coffin here: http://siansbitsandpieces.blogspot.com/2008/09/created-byhand-challenge-coffins.html

  12. Kristy said,

  13. Maureen Cross said,

    My Coffin ATC is on my blog.

  14. Debi Rodriguez said,

    I made a diptych ATC.
    This was great fun:)

    Here it is:

  15. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  16. Sarah said,

  17. WendyK said,

    Mines on my Blog, thanks for looking


  18. Char said,

    My Coffin is on my blog. Thank you.

  19. Kimmie said,

    Here is my ATC. Thank you for looking! This shape was fun!

  20. Kris Dickinson said,

    Here’s mine for this week:

    Rest In Peace- ATC

    A fun, unique challenge! Thanks so much!

  21. Buffy said,

    Heres mine. This one was fun!

  22. Rosie said,

    I made a coffin ATC – what fun!! Thanks for a great theme!


  23. Shelly said,

    Ok, I’m a little late, but I loved this coffin template so much I just had to make something with it! I combined it with the Wednesday Stamper theme. Here is my art:

  24. Sandie said,

  25. Audrey Meijs said,

    Hi, my entry is on my blog!

  26. emi(rubita) said,

  27. yogihg said,

    This week’s challenge is done. Enjoy
    I’m still limping along with internet problems. Frustrating

  28. mamapia said,

  29. hilmof said,


    My entry is on my blog


    Thanks for looking

  30. Inka said,

    I did a little coffin shaped charm and I am also giving it away as blog candy. When I saw the theme I had to share 🙂

  31. Dana Rose said,

    Darn! I’m late! I did a Halloween pop-up card.

    Happy stamping,


  32. mommy of two said,

    I use your coffin (template) as a cut out for sandwich’s for my daughter Halloween Party at school. I think it will be spootacular…. Thanks!!

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