Tuesday Challenge – Letter of the Alphabet!

February 16, 2009 at 11:58 pm (Uncategorized)


Create art using a letter of the alphabet!   Think of your favorite letter and make art with it this week (use only one letter though!).     Use  collage images, rubber stamps, inks, embellishments, charms, paints, eyelets, ribbons, fancy papers… whatever else you wish to create your challenge!   Create a card, ATC, tag, altered art, 4 x 4, inchie, skinny (3 x 5 inches) –  anything you desire!  Post your art to your blog, picture trail or photo sharing site, then post a direct link to your challenge art under the comments section to share with others! Have fun and make art!!! (Please include our challenge link on your blog)

featured Quietfire products:

alphabet products (including chipboard letters, alphabet stamps and alphabet brads)

***there has been a lot of trouble with comments going into a spam folder on the challenge sites recently. I will frequently check the spam folder and unspam comments, so please do not post more than once. Thanks!



  1. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  2. Kris Dickinson said,

    I had a great time with this one…I chose:

    The Letter “B”


  3. Sneaux said,

    I did the letter J: http://mycreativeyear.wordpress.com/2009/02/17/today-is-brought-to-you-by-the-letter-j/ (Sorry, I don’t know how to embed the link behind text) 😦

  4. Kelly said,

    here is my Q 4 x 4

  5. Sandy said,

  6. Suzanne said,

  7. Virginia said,

    Wonderful theme.
    My ATC is Here
    Thanks for looking..

  8. Kelly said,

    Here is Yvonne’s challenge F is for Fiddleheads

  9. Anne S. said,

    A is for Anne 🙂
    Thank you for looking!

  10. femmy said,

    mine is here

  11. Deborah said,

    I really had FUN with this…much to my surprise! 😉


  12. rein said,

  13. wil said,

    My entry is on my blog.
    thanks for looking.

  14. Ros said,

  15. anneke said,

    here is my entry for today

  16. motivart said,

    here’s my entry
    thanks for looking

  17. Trudie said,

    Here’s my entry.
    Thanks for looking.


  18. Heather Robinson said,

    Great theme! I chose the letter “O” and my round robin journal page is on my blog. Thanks for having a look.

  19. Anne Lise said,

    Here is may entry, it was a fun challenge! Thanks a lot for looking! http://scrappelisespapirer.blogspot.com/2009/02/svart-hvit-og-bling.html

  20. Buffy said,

    Hi, here’s my letter “F”. Thanks for looking.

  21. Leila said,

    Here is my entry. Thank you for looking.

  22. Saila said,

    My atc is on my blog. Thank you for looking!

  23. Arja L said,

    Here is my atc. Thanks for looking!

  24. hastingshall2 said,

    Here is my entry. Thanks for looking.

  25. yogi Grunwald said,

    I’m out of the work crunch and right on top of things again. BIG GRIN. great challenge. Enjoy

  26. Shelly said,

    LOVE your sample! Mine is on my bloggity blog. 🙂

  27. Christine said,

    My entry is on my blog
    Thanks for looking.

  28. Rainbow Lady said,

    Here is my A for Adventures.
    Thanks for looking Love Cynthia x


  29. Janny said,

  30. crafty creations said,

  31. sandie said,

    Hello……love this weeks challenge.
    You will find my entry on my blog..http://sandiesspace.blogspot.com/

    Thanks Sandie

  32. AKIKO★ said,

  33. Ann Whitfield said,

    Super Challenge
    Here’s my box
    Thanks for looking

  34. ORsolya said,

  35. Penny said,

  36. kathleen said,

  37. Gigi said,

    I have been doing the Tuesday Challenge for 3 weeks now, and I have a blog put together so that I can start posting my creations on it. Thanks for the challenge. Visit me at:

  38. Kersten said,

    Here’s my A is for Angel sample – a bit tardy! 🙂


  39. Roberta said,

    Check out my “V” inchie for inspiring Venice.

  40. Hazel said,

    I know it’s late, but I’ve done a letter E for eyes ATC – it’s here

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